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All experiences are crafted to your specific tastes. No two appointments are alike. Same day appointments may be available, but absolutely no guarantee. Longer bookings, FMTYs, and travel companionship are appreciated and prioritized.

For dates not listed, please contact me directly.


2 hours. Meet & Greet.

Let's get acquainted before we get personal. Public spaces only. 


hour. Teaser

A sweet & quick tryst.


1.5 hours. Refresher

Where inhibitions fade, and desires take center stage.


hours. Yours, truly.

The go-to of those who value leisurely-paced sessions.


hours. Chef's Kiss

Cocktails, chuckles, and not-so-guilty pleasures.


hours. Nice & Slow...

The prime distribution between social time and intimacy. 


12 hours. V.I.P.

A field day or overnight bliss: the choice is yours.


24 hoursThe Nahla Experience 

An entire day at the spa, perhaps? Or a movie night in?


48 hours. Carpe Diem

A multi-day getaway with me at your disposal.

Your Dedicated Companion

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